The Hard-to-Shop-Fors

I’m an organized gift-giver. I have an Ikea Expedit shelf with a basket for each person I give gifts to – when I see something they’d like, I pick it up and pop it in there for the next gift-giving occasion. I have a list app I use to keep track of ideas for each person I give gifts to – every time they say something they’d like, I put it on their list. I love finding the ‘perfect’ gift – the gift that puts a huge smile on the person’s face. The icing on the cake are their exclamations of “How did you know?” or “How did you think of this?!”.

But like everyone there are a couple of people on my list who are hard to shop for. They don’t seem to need anything and they never say anything they want. This is stressful for anyone during the holidays and especially for someone who loves giving gifts that fit the person!

A few days ago, the texts were flying about what to get the Hard-to-Shop-Fors in my family – texts that were addressed to me since I’m typically the gift ideas gal! As I wracked my brain for ideas to suggest, I thought how often I’ve heard people complain about their loved ones in the same manner –“You’re so hard to shop for!”.

And then I realized something – these are people in my life who never say anything they want. They’re not greedy or materialistic. They don’t walk through the world like it’s a shopping mall filled with things for them to acquire. In fact, one of them – my Dad - I’ve known my whole life and I’ve never heard him express anything he wants. These people are made happiest with one simple gift – spending time with the people they love. Their greatest pleasure doesn’t come from something under the tree but from the people gathered around it. It occurred to me that people who are the hardest to shop for are the easiest to please – they just want to spend time with those they love.

This was a simple moment that changed my whole perspective on Hard-to-Shop-Fors. The people in my life who are hard to shop for don’t deal in the commodity of stuff – their currency is love.

Merry Christmas to you and to all the “Hard-to-Shop-Fors” in your life.