Spring Clearing

Spring is here and with it the urge to throw open our windows and clean up our winter caves. But before starting to clean this year, de-clutter your space – less to clean, and clean around!

 And spring clearing does more than just making cleaning easier. It changes the energy in your space, allowing room for new things to come in. Defining the purpose of your space and choosing which items to keep focuses your intent, helping you live a curated life!

     1.      Start fresh this spring by looking around to see what no longer serves you - physically, emotionally,        and spiritually. Are your rooms and belongings relevant to your current life?  

2.      Set the intent for each room. Who should use the space? What should the room be used for? What should it contain to support that purpose?

3.      Clear out one space at a time to avoid overwhelm. Within each room, start with a manageable area – a corner, a closet, or a drawer. Divide surfaces like tables into quadrants, and clear one at a time.

4.      Use several containers as you work room by room – “Keep in this Room”, “Put in Another Room”,  “Donate/Give Away”, “Sell”, “Trash”, and “Recycle/Repurpose”.

5.      Make a decision about everything. It stays if you answer yes to these questions: Do I use this? Do I love this? Does this serve the room’s purpose? Will I remember to look for it here?

6.      Be ruthless. Give yourself permission to let go, no matter who gave things to you or how much they cost.  Asking yourself questions like “Would I rather have the money or the item?” or “Could someone else use this more?”  to make this easier.

7.      Be honest with yourself, and acknowledge who you really are.  Are you someone who uses a rice maker to make rice? Someone who wears pink clothes? If no, then let it go.  

8.      Get it out of your house ASAP to prevent it from migrating back into your space.  Find a friend who would love the items or a charity you feel great about supporting. Only sell the items if it’s worth your time and energy.

9.      Stop acquiring more stuff. Set shopping rules like 1 in, 1 out – if you buy something, a similar item must leave your home. This sets intent for shopping and ensures you only have things you love. Remember, spending more money on something you don’t need isn’t a good deal!

10.   Let yourself enjoy the freedom of organization, and the ability to breathe in your home instead of ‘stuffocating’! Allow yourself to bask in the luxury of empty space.