Why Organizing...

I've been organized since childhood - I swear my bookshelf was alphabetized as soon as I learned what the alphabet was! I've always been soothed by an organized space - I was that kid in university who had to tidy my room before I could study. My organizing style has changed as I've gotten older - from seeking control of things to seeking freedom from things. Freedom from cleaning hours (more stuff = more cleaning), from time wasted searching for things, and from the negative emotions that are often tied to our stuff - guilt, shame, and sadness for starters. 

Career-wise I spent a lot of time feeling like I was searching before finding organizing. After finishing my undergrad degrees, I worked as a permanent English teacher - I loved my staff and working with students but still felt like something was missing. One day I googled professional organizer wondering if it was 'a thing'. To my surprise, it wasn't just Peter Walsh on Clean Sweep - there was a whole world of organizers out there! But I was still scared to take the plunge. After dabbling in some different jobs and a lot of soul searching, I realized what I enjoyed most about each job I held was organizing - when I was teaching, I'd even received notes from students thanking me for being organized! When I took the plunge to pursue organizing, I felt like it 'fit'. When I took my first classes from the Professional Organizers in Canada, I exclaimed to my husband that I had found 'my people'. 

Since then, I've attended multiple national conferences, been inspired again and again by what organizing can do for people, and have loved every second of working with clients (and no, your house is not the worst I've seen!). I often say when you deal with your stuff, you deal with your 'stuff', and I get to be inspired daily by people who are bravely facing their stuff. So yes, I've always been organized. But it's no longer about putting the right thing in the exact right place. It's about finding the right place for me.